What can Online Pharmacy do for you?

An online pharmacy or post-offshore pharmacy, is a retail pharmacy that works over the Internet. It delivers orders to customers via mail, courier companies, and online pharmacy portals. Online pharmacies can be small or large, offer a wide range products and services and can operate in any country. There are currently about thirteen million Internet pharmacies and distributors.

Canada Drugs

Online pharmacies make access to medicines easier and more efficient, also offering a greater variety in brands, prices and levels of effectiveness. Online pharmacies are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Food and Drug Administration uses a list known as the National Identifier System or NIS to identify online pharmacies.

In order to open an online pharmacy in Canada, a valid prescription issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial government must be provided by a physician. Most online pharmacies can operate in different countries.

Online pharmacies such as Canada Drugs must obtain an international drug form called MMPR in order to maintain the integrity of the three month supply requirement. To obtain an international drug form, a pharmacy must first be licensed by the government in the country where it is made. This process can take anywhere from one to three weeks. After the application has been processed, the pharmacy will be able to obtain an international MMPR. Once the pharmacy has received its MMPR, it is then able to sell its medications in Canada. Most three-month supply shipments don’t require an international shipment.

As long as the online pharmacy has a valid prescription from a licensed pharmacist available in Canada, the business can sell its products. To mail prescriptions, customers must have a Canadian address. Online pharmacies can ship to all countries around the world.

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