Indian Culture – A Brief Overview

Indian culture is the oldest one in the world, western communities never saw the Indian culture in a lovable way, and they were never in favor of it. But now so many tourists from foreign countries have a dream of coming to India and looking at India’s beauty. India is indeed a very diverse country, and it has a lot of different aspects of Indian culture.

The short but effective overview of Indian culture:

Language: India has 28 states and has seven territories, and with so many states, the language which is spoken there is also different. You can’t define an official language of India because all the people have their different native languages. Hindi is often considered as the most spoken language and is official, according to the Indian Government. The Indian Government’s constitution has recognized 23 official languages in India.

Religion: India’s main religions are Hinduism and Buddhism, which are at the 3rd and 4th numbers for the largest religions. There are more religions, like Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs. There are few Buddhists and Jains also. The four specified religions and their percentages in India other than the 2% of unspecified ones are:

Hindu – 80 percent

Muslims – 14.2 percent

Christians – 2.3 percent

Sikh – 1.7 percent

Food: The official Indian Cuisine is different and Indian cuisine also includes many different cuisines that were influenced by other countries. Indians like to make fusions a lot. So if you ever visit India, you will see a lot of recipes which are originated from other countries but are improvised by Indians in a very beautiful way. There are so many vegetarians and non-vegetarians in India. Hindus are mainly vegetarians because of their traditions and ethics. Most Indian food is eaten with hands or pieces of bread while using them as utensils. There is a wide array of food in India, as its diversity.

Clothing: Mostly, Indian clothing is often seen as saris, and the official clothing of men is dhoti and kurta, which is a loosened shirt at a knee-length. Men and women both have different clothing in different states according to their customs and cultures. The clothing that people of India wear at the festivals is according to the different traditions which come from different faiths. Most women have different types of clothing in their practices. Women from different states drape their saris differently, and some women never wear saris, and it was never in their ethnic wear in their oldest generations.

Architecture and art: The main attraction of India is the Taj mahal. People from different countries often come and see this monument, which is considered a monument of love because a king called Shah Jahan got this monument made for his third queen, Mumtaz Mahal, who died. 

India is well known for its actors and film industry, which is conclusively called Bollywood. India has many dance forms, but mainly there is Kathak and Bharatnatyam, which is primarily learned by every Indian girl and these dance forms are so versatile, which can help you learn other forms also.


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