The political system and their prospects in India

Why we required politics? Politics, which means the power of making decisions. Politics is associated with the government as all we require some system or organization, which works for our welfare or organizes some events, their prospects, and works on some guidelines needed for the country. Politics is in the form of a group or organization to represent their decisions or ideas.

The political system is the system that makes the official government decisions. The political system influences the cultural, economic, and social networks and is designed especially for society. There are various types of political systems that tell about the relationship with government power in many countries.


A political system in which people of the country creating their government by giving votes to the best representative, which is also said to be ruled by the people. In a democratic country, all have decision-making power and all equal rights in-country. But some of the democratic government does not have all rights to all citizens.


A political system in which a country ruled by a king or queen or ruled by any royal family. They belong to the same family ruling from the starting generation. The single people govern it.


A political system in which people have no power or called as the non-democratic group of people. The government in these is unstable and cannot make a decision.

India is a democratic country in the world. It is ruled by the government, which are divided by state and central government. Politics works in India’s constitution, based on two structures: the president and another is the prime minister. The state rules president, and the prime minister is the head of the country. Elections are held to choose the representative; this is held at many levels, like individually in cities, towns, and villages.

There are many political parties in India, separated at national, state, and district levels. So here I am discussing about parties.

National party

National parties are parties that can participate in elections all over India. It can be recognized in four or more than four states. It can be divided into the assembly, Lok Sabha and Rajya sabha. For example, the Bhartiya Janata Party, Indian national congress, and some other parties.

State party

State parties are parties that can participate in one state. The numbers of state parties are extensive in the country. It can participate in any election, such as national conferences in Jammu and Kashmir and Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh, and some other parties.

Sometimes political parties increase or decrease; these are due to the result of their participation. So politics plays a vital role in our lives as it is essential for our country to represent its performance and skills. Many countries are not democratic and have no political system and that governments were ruled under the individuals or any enemy. There are many political parties in India to represent, as I told earlier.

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