Before you start your fashion blogging – some tips to know

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So, fashion is your passion, and you have made up your mind to start blogging? That’s pretty awesome! But now, how would you take your style and showcase it to that huge audience out there? Well, social media is the right answer for you. So, the first step is to create a strong social media presence for your fashion blogging brand. With this, you are going to reach out to people across the globe. Isn’t this what you desire to achieve?

Some tips to know before you start fashion blogging

Instagram and fascinating photography: Well, every fashion blogger or fashion influencer on Instagram takes care of their social media handle. They strategize their posts so that it attracts more people to their accounts. So, if you want to start with Instagram, then here are some effective tips for you.

    • Maintain a good colour scheme. So, it would be best if you had this luring colour scheme –pick a palette and then maintain the consistency. Also, if you prefer using various colours in your outfits, you need to ensure you have matched it well with your props, accessories and hair. Then, the pictures will get a better effect, and your feed with virtually please everyone’s eyes.
    • Have consistency in your lighting as well. You need to make sure that your colour scheme and the lighting are on par. It entirely depends on you what type of edits is your preference – light edits or dark edits; keep that consistency going. Use some handy and quick tools that will cut down your editing time.

What about your captions? Well, you also need to see that your picture has some exciting content and caption. Don’t be under the impression that only outfits matter and not the captions since it is fashion blogging. So, with captions, you can stand out from other fashion bloggers in your league. Everyone can style their outfits, but feelings and words will differ from one person to another – that’s where you can make a huge difference with your posts to get more audience to your feed.

    • Give as much as information you can. For example, how to style the outfits in various ways, and where can these outfits be worn?
    • Don’t forget to mention and tag the brands you make your purchases from – this is the best way to get more people to your blogs and feed
    • You can get a little personal and bring out a story about the outfit or the location or anything random also can work well –add some feelings and some words that will touch the sentiments of people out there

Apart from these things, it would be best if you also used some trending and attractive hashtags widely searched by people these days. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the benefit of using relevant hashtags for their posts. Therefore, ensure you do your research well so that you can make the most out of it for your blogs and Instagram feed as well.

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